How do you do it?????

Meaning….how do you all have time to do such a great job with your bloggs?

   I know i keep saying it, but, i have to admit that i’m no good with this technology stuff,downloading an’ all,but you are all so good at it! It takes me FOREVER to get the headliner pic. (which is a pic of the beach in South Carolina on New Years Day).Let alone update stuff. However…………….i will try yet again.

 Well, we’ve just returned from USA for Chrimbo and New Year.Had a fab time.Secretly,I really like,January. Christmas is ok, New year to me is sad because ,although i don’t mean to, i do reflect on the people i miss and those who have passed away.

SO, come January 1st,i’m on a clean fresh start to the coming spring ,lovely weather and new resolutions!Although so far the weather is horrendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We must do something about the back garden though.I’m certainly not a gardener.Although i love the chinese themed gardens…so beautiful. Our house is still up for sale,we’ve had viewers who have been back a couple of times, but we’re in no rush to move as yet.We’re not looking at other houses as yet until we’ve sold this.We have somewhere to move to , so no probs.


Yo !!!

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I’m so sorry i’ve been away.Truth is i can’t get the hang of all this posting,although i do read everyone elses blog,  and i must say, you all do so well. How do you get the time to do it????Anyway number 1 has gone back to the USof A., and i miss her a lot today, i don’t know why today of all days.Number 2, who i’m missing too, is visiting number one out there on holiday and they’re having a great time……maybe because it’s so far away from here. OK, OK, i’ll get some recent pics on the go and put them here soon …i promise. XXXX


My number one is coming home on Sat !!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT !!!I really do miss her.I miss having a girl in the house.I love my boys dearly, but girls are such good fun.Even when she was born, i was so chuffed that i had a daughter, it was like having a doll to play with! I used to change her outfits at least a couple of times a day, and the amount of ribbons hairslides, scrunchies…..it was great fun.When she got older, i used to teach her to say the names of all the countries of the world, as her Grandfather used to travel alot, and he was well impressed.She was such a chatterbox and so loving….she still is. 🙂 Roll on Saturday.

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Still tidy…..

On the mend.

Hey, it’s now 15 days post op.

I’m feeling good.

           I’m going back for a check-up day after tomorrow, but other than waking up during the night feeling hot(i don’t know wether i’m having hot flushes or i am hot!!!…..i can’t be quite sure) but on the whole i’m feeling better than i thought i would.I’m not into taking medication unless it’s the last resort, if you know what i mean.But…I am taking omega 3 capsules, just to prevent my hair,nails, skin etc .from drying out, and it seems to be working.I was determined to get well for my nephews wedding last weekend, which was great and i’m off to Barcelona in a couple of weeks so i’m so looking forward to that!

 All my family and friends have been so helpfull and kind that actually i am quite overwhelmed.It is times of ill-health, loss, etc., that you really know which friends stand by you and help.Hubby has been great and so understanding and has worked so hard whilst i’ve been unwell. I’ve had lots of flowers and cards and well wishes , so thanks to you all!!!